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Sweets And Cakes

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Sweets And Cakes
Code Product Packing
AC01 Koeksisters 50 x ±30g
AC02 Sweets Box (25 chocolate vermicelli truffles, 25 chocolate brownies, 25 chocolate lamingtons) 3 x 25
D220 Assorted Muffins (6 lemon poppy, 6 blueberry, 6 choc chip, 6 banana, 6 Carrot, 6 chocolate) 36 x 60g
DM80 Sweet Spring Rolls (20 Chocolate, 20 Cranberry, 20 Fig) 3 x 20 x 30g
DB43 Cocktail Coconut Samoosa 100 x 22g
DB30 Malva Pudding 12 x 120g
DB31 Chocolate Pudding 12 x 120g
DB32 Toffee Pudding 12 x 120g
DC91 Magdalena Balls Assorted (20 vanilla in cherry dip, 20 red velvet in chocolate dip, 20 chocolate in banana dip) 3 x 20 x 25g



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