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Cocktail Products

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Cocktail Products Beef Regular Size
Code Product Packing
D10 Cocktail Meat Balls 90-100 x 25g
D113A Mini Vetkoek and Mince 120 x 20g
D14 Cocktail Beef Sausage 2.5kg
D15 Cocktail Meat Balls 180-200 x 25g
D23 Premium Cocktail Meat Balls 90-100 x 25g
D57 Cocktail Beef Flavoured Samoosa 100 x 20g
D69 Cocktail Minced Beef Wellington 80 x 35g
D79 Cheesy Meat Balls 100 x 25g
DA13 Cocktail Marinated Beef Kebab 60 x 30g
DA34 Cocktail Savoury Mince Pies 50 x 30g
DA35 Cocktail Bobotie Pies 50 x 30g
DP17 PeppaMates Cocktail Meat Balls 100 x 25g
DM78 Beef Spring Roll 100 x 30g
DB13 Beef Rissole 144 x ±35g
Cocktail Products Chicken Regular Size
Code Product Packing
D04 Chicken Bites 200 x 25g
D107 Cocktail Chicken Samoosa 100 x ±20g
D123 Chicken Kebab 60 x 50g
D13 Chicken Cheesy Bites 100 x ±25g
D53 Spicy Mixed Chicken Wings 3.4kg(±70)
D54 Chicken Dim Sum 200 x 8g
DA12 Chicken Kebab 60 x 30g
DA19 Cocktail Chicken Pie 50 x 30g
DA5 Mini Chicken Cordon Bleu 70 x ±35g
DM74 Chicken and PeppaMates Spring Roll 150 x 30g
DB11 Rissole Chicken 144 x ±35g
DW1 Sweet & Sour Chicken Wings 3.4kg (±70)
DW11 Chicken Drummy Dips 64 x 38g
DW14 Lemon and Herb Chicken Fingers ±120 x 20g
DW2 Peri Peri Chicken Wings 3.4kg (±70)
DW3 Honeyglaze Chicken Wings 3.4kg (±70)
Cocktail Products Combination Boxes Regular Size
D56 Spring roll (75 Veg, 75 Chicken) 150 x 30g
DA23 Cocktail Kebabs Combo 90
DM75 Dragontails Potato & Chicken 60 x 2 x 20g
DM76 Dragontails Beef & Sweet/Sour Chicken 60 x 2 x 20g
DA3 Mini Combo Quiche 25 leek & celery, 25 spinach & cheese, 25 mushroom
DC71 Pizza Mini Assorted (48 Veg, 48 Chicken) 48 x 2 x 25g
Cocktail Products Fish Regular Size
DF14 Fish Bites 200 x 25g
Cocktail Products Lamb Regular Size
Code Product Packing
DA15 Cocktail Coriander Lamb Croquettes 80 x 30g
DA17 Lamb Kofta 60 x ±30g
Cocktail Products Pastry Regular Size
DA8 Cornish Pastries 50 x 30g
DB10 Cocktail Chicken Sausage Roll 150 x 30g
DB8 Cocktail Cheese Puffs 150 x 30g
DB8J Cocktail Cheese & Jalapeño Puff 100 x 30g
DB9 Cocktail Beef Sausage Roll 150 x 30g
Cocktail Products Vegetarian Regular Size
Code Product Packing
D109 Cocktail Cheese & Corn Samoosa 100 x ±20g
D122 Cocktail Jalapeño Cheese Rissole 144 x ±35g
D55 Cocktail Vegetable Samoosa 100 x ±25g
D82B Cocktail Cheese & Onion Samoosa 100 x ±22g
DA7 Spanakopita 96 x ±20g
DM71 Cheese & Onion Spring Roll 60 x 40g
D59 Veggie Bites ±150 x ±20g
Dm79 Jalapeño & Cheese Spring Roll 95 x 30g
Cocktail Products Pork
D87 Spare Ribs Cocktail 5kg
DF3B Cocktail Cheese Grillers ±40 x ±25g
DG20 Chippolata Sausage 80 x ±30g
DS3A C/T Cheese Grillers in Pastry 55 x 55g







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