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The Capsicum Baccatum commonly known as the “Sweet Pepper”, “Cherry Chilli”, “Cheeky Chilli” is a sweet and spicy pepper grown in South Africa, which lends itself to both savoury and sweet food applications. DinnerMates proudly introduces their newest product – PeppaMates.

The Capsicum Baccatum Challenge


Cooked whole fruit launched in October 2009

Whole cored red peppers are in a sugar vinaigrette, without calcium defect, firm and crispy without stems or leaf and packed in plastic bags for application in the catering industry. This product is derived from a farm operation and also exported to the EU.

Texture: Firm to crispy
Smell: Sweet, fruity vinegar
Taste: Vinegary sweet with typical chilly bight
Flavour: Typical Vinegar, sweet and fruity
Colour: Red
Grading/size: Average 30 mm diameter
Seeds: Not more than 0.5% of drained weight per pack.
Ingredients: South African Peppers, Sugar, Acetic Acid, Salt, Firming Agents E 509, Anti Oxidant E330.
Nutritional Information per 100g: On request.
Best before date: 12 months from packing.
Storage & transportation conditions: Ambient or chilled at +5? for extension of shelf life.

Product declaration:

The product is not treated with ionized rays, not derived from generic modification and free from allergens.

Product packaging and treatment:The product is cleaned, cored and graded before packing in clear plastic bags in sugared vinaigrette , for application in the catering industry. All products are hermitically sealed in retort packaging. The product is packed at ambient temperatures and pasteurised at a maximum of 90? C.

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