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Pastry Items & Unbaked Pies

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Pastry Items & Unbaked Pies
Code Product Packing
D112 Puff Pastry 6x2kg
D61 Large Sausage Roll 48x200gr
D62 Cornish Pastries 36
D63 Steak and Kidney Pie 36
D64 Chicken and Mushroom Pie 36
D70 Curry Mutton 36x200gr
D707 Econo Sausage Rolls 10x160gr
D708 Econo Pepepr Steak Pies 10x160gr
D709 Econo Chicken & Vegetable Pies 10x160gr
D710 Econo Cornish Pies 10x160gr
D711 Econo Steak & Kidney Pies 10x160gr
D80 Pepper Steak Pie 36
D81 Mixed Pies 36x200gr (Peppersteak, Chicken+Mushroom, Cornish Pastry)
DC10 Bacon, Cheese & Onion Quiche 16x70gr
DC11 Camembert & Onion Chutney Quiche 16x70gr
DC12 Butternut & Sage Quiche 16x70gr
DC13 Bacon, Feta & PeppaMates Quiche 16x70gr



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