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Pastry Items, Baked & Unbaked Pies

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Pastry Items, Baked & Unbaked Pies
Code Product Packing
D112 Puff Pastry 6 x 2kg
D61A Large Sausage Roll 24 x 190g
D62A Cornish Pastries 24 x 190g
D63 Steak and Kidney Pie 36 x 190g
D64 Chicken and Mushroom Pie 36 x 190g
D80 Pepper Steak Pie 36 x 190g
D707 Baked Econo Sausage Rolls 10 x 160g
D708 Baked Econo Pepper Steak Pies 10 x 160g
D709 Baked Econo Chicken & Vegetable Pies 10 x 160g
D710 Baked Econo Cornish Pies 10 x 160g
D711 Baked Econo Steak & Kidney Pies 10 x 160g
D714 Baked Econo Beef Mince & Onion Pies 10 x 160g



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