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Main Meals

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Main Meals Beef
Code Product Packing
D06 Crumbed Beef Steaklet 40x125g
D07 Meat Loaf – Budget 5x1kg
D11 Cabbage Rolls 30x160g
D115 Mince Rissol (Beef) 48x74gr
D16 Meat Balls 100x50g
D35 Marinated Beef Kebab 40x135g
D47 Beef Olives 40x155g
D50 Large Beef Samoosa 60x55g
D84 Beef Olives 50x80gr
D85 German Fricadelle 50x90g
DL9 Savoury Mince 2×2.5 kg
Main Meals Chicken
Code Product Packing
D05 Crumbed Chicken Steaklet 40x125g
D104 Smoked Chicken 5×1-1,3kg
D111 Spiced 1/4 Chickens min 5kg (approx 16 pieces)
D114A Chicken Rissole 48x70gr
D12 Chicken Kebabs 50x100g
D133 Honey and Mustard Chicken Kebab 50x130g
D134 Lemon and Herb Chicken Kebab 50x130g
D135 Barbeque Chicken Kebab 50x130g
D136 Chicken Cordon Bleu with Pastrami 35x135gr
D21 Crumbed Chicken Breast coarse 25x140g – 3,5kg
D24 Chicken Fajita 2×2.5kg
D32 Crumbed Chicken Breast Fine 25x140gr
D39 Chicken Cordon Bleu 26x200g
D45 Chicken Kiev 35X135g
D46 Chicken Cordon Bleu 35x135g
D71 Chicken Footlong Vienna 10x100gr
D94 Fillet Chicken Breast 5 kg (approx 50 pc)
DS11 Chicken Cubes Mediterranean 5x1kg
DS22 Tumbled Chicken Cubes 2×2.5 kg
DSP3 Chicken Fajita 40x150gr
DW5 Chicken Drumsticks 3 kg
Main Meals Fish
Code Product Packing
D116 Tuna Rissol 48x74gr
D117 Prawn Rissol 48x+-70gr
DF10 Fish Fingers 5kg (200)
DF16 Battered Hake Portions 9 kg (60 Portions)
DF19 Hake Loins 5 kg (42 units)
DF7 Fish Cakes 40x50g
Main Meals Pork
Code Product Packing
D120 Back Bacon 1kg pre-sliced vac-bag
D37 Smoked Viennas 2,5kg
D52 Streaky Bacon pre-sliced 1 kg vac-bag
D75 Pork Sausage 2.5kg
D89 Marinated Spare Ribs 300 gr 5 kg
DF3 Tosmall Cheese Grillers +-55×45 gr
DF9 Golden Pockets Spare Rib 50x100gr
DG8 Gammon RDW – 20
DM2 Bacon Bits 5 kg
DR1 Russians 2.5kg
DR3 Smoked Viennas 1kg
DU01 Crumbed Pork Steaklet 40x125gr
DU02 Crumbed Pork Cordon bleu 35x135gr
DW12 Pork Kebab 40×135
Main Meals Pre-cooked
Code Product Packing
D141 Beef Lasagne 6x350gr
D142 Vegetable Lasagne 6x400gr
DA21 Plain Pancakes 48
Main Meals Vegetarian
Code Product Packing
D106 Cheese & Corn Samoosas 60x55gr
D97 Large Vegetable Spring Roll 72x80g
DF8 Golden Pockets stir fry 50×100 gr
DV1 Fry Vegetable Burger 60
DV18 Veg. Chicken Style Burger 40x80gr
DV19 Veg. Chicken Style Strips 8x475gr
DV2 Vegetable Sausage 80
DV6 Vegetarian Hot Dogs 10x500gr
DV8 Vegetable Nuggets 10x380gr
DV9 Vegetable Schnitzel 40x100gr









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