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Main Meals

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Main Meals Beef
Code Product Packing
D06 Crumbed Beef Steaklet 40 x 125g
D16 Meat Balls 90-100 x 50g
D35 Marinated Beef Kebab 40 x 135g
D47 Beef Olives 40 x 155g
D50 Beef Flavoured Samoosa Large 60 x 60g
D85 German Frikadelle 50 x 90g
DL9 Savoury Mince 2 x 2.5 kg
Main Meals Chicken
Code Product Packing
D05 Crumbed Chicken Steaklet 40 x 125g
D111 Spiced 1/4 Chickens min 5kg (approx 16 pieces)
D12 Chicken Kebabs 50 x 100g
D133 Honey and Mustard Chicken Kebab 50 x 130g
D134 Lemon and Herb Chicken Kebab 50 x 130g
D135 Barbeque Chicken Kebab 50 x 130g
D136 Chicken Cordon Bleu with Pastrami 35 x 135g
D21 Crumbed Chicken Breast coarse 25 x 140g
D24 Chicken Fajita 2 x 2.5kg
D32 Crumbed Chicken Breast Fine 25 x 140g
D39 Chicken Cordon Bleu 26 x 200g
D45 Chicken Kiev 35 x 135g
D46 Chicken Cordon Bleu 35 x 135g
D94 Fillet Chicken Breast 50 x 95-105g
DS22 Tumbled Chicken Cubes 2 x 2.5kg
DSP2 Chicken Breast Fillet 40 x 135g
DSP3 Chicken Fajita 40 x 150g
DSP9 Chicken Mayo Mix 6 x 1kg
D114A Chicken Rissole 48 x 70g
D50C Chicken Flavoured Samoosa Large 60 x 60g
Main Meals Fish
Code Product Packing
DF10 Fish Fingers 200 x 25g
DF16 Battered Hake Portions 60 x 150g
DF19 Hake Loins 40 x 125g
DF7 Fish Cakes 40 x 50g
Main Meals Pork
Code Product Packing
D120 Back Bacon 1kg pre-sliced vac-bag
D37 Smoked Viennas 2.5kg
D52 Streaky Bacon 1kg pre-sliced vac-bag
D89 Marinated Spare Ribs +-300g 5kg
DM15 Bacon Bits 1kg
DM15 Bacon Bits 1kg
DM16 Salami Bits 1kg
DR1A Russians 1kg
DR3 Smoked Viennas 1kg
DU02 Crumbed Pork Cordon bleu 35 x 135g
DW12 Pork Kebab 40 x 135g
Main Meals Pre-cooked
Code Product Packing
DA21 Plain Pancakes 48 x 30g
Main Meals Vegetarian
Code Product Packing
D106 Cheese & Corn Samoosa 60 x 55g
DB40 Samoosa Potato Veg Curry 120 x 40g
DB41 Samoosa Jalapeño Cheese & PeppaMates 120 x 40g
DB42 Samoosa Veg Curry 120 x 35g
D97 Large Vegetable Spring Roll 72 x 80g
DV1 Vegetable Burger 40 x 80g
DV18 Veg. Chicken Style Burger 40 x 80g
DV19 Veg. Chicken Style Strips 3.8kg
DV2 Vegetable Sausage 80 x 62.5g
DV8 Vegetable Nuggets 3.8kg
DV9 Vegetable Schnitzel 40 x 100g









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