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Consultant Food & Environment International

rainerRainer Schoenegge

CFE International
Krankenhausberg 4
D-84453 Muehldorf am Inn

Tel/Fax: 0049-8631-166338
Cell: 0049-171-3367577

Strategic Global Management, Food Manufacturing, Production Management, Global Food Safety, Food Processing, International Food and Production Auditing, Business Development, FMCG Consultancy.

Rainer Schoenegge serves a wealth of 38 years experience in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) food industry. He has a proven record in technical, commercial and quality related fields in todays food business and environmental aspects. Besides having worked in Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Spain), Rainer has worked around the globe with focus on Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Areas of Business:

  • Consumer Goods – Food
  • Dehydrated Food Processing


  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Technical Management for the Food Industry
  • Quality & Food Safety
  • Auditing & Food & Environment Certification (ISO-9001, 22000, 14001, Emas)
  • Strategic Commercial Food Development
  • Due Diligence-Technical Parts


  • Cereal Production
  • Chilled Dairy and Dairy Food Products and Production
  • Culinary Food Products and Production (fresh, chilled, frozen, dehydrated)
  • Liquids, Powdered and Dietetic Products and Production

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