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Products & Services

The DinnerMates reputation has been built on innovation and service and the company is quality driven on product and service consistency.

DinnerMates is a specialized supplier of various meat and chicken products, which are value added, portion controlled and easy to prepare, with menu lines that are both time-saving in preparation and cost effective. We offer specialized food products to the food and hospitality industry for National and Multi-National Companies, National Fast Food Outlets and Steakhouses etc. and provide import replacement, i.e. dried meat, for the National and International Soup and Savory Industry.

Our plant is regularly inspected by health inspectors, and state veterinarians, ensuring that the highest international standards of hygiene and quality assurance are maintained.

We add and extend all the time, developing new products to suit customer requirements and applications in the most cost effective way. For the benefit of our clients, we do our best to interpret market trends by pro-active development of new, more cost effective, safer, attractive and healthy products.

DinnerMates offers a cold storage service.

DinnerMates – Making Meal Times Exciting And Cooking A Pleasure