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Company Profile


The DinnerMates factory was commissioned in 1985 in Louis Trichardt, South Africa, to supply the hospitality trade and food factories with a product range consisting of frozen main meals, fast food items, cocktail snacks, vegetarian dishes and dried meats. Our products are high quality portion controlled and easy to prepare, with menu lines that are timesaving in preparation and cost effective.

With Marketing and Distribution in Kya-Sand, consisting of a professional sales team, a fleet of 2, 3, 4 and 20 ton trucks, and a national network of selected distributors, DinnerMates supplies all major contract, corporate and independent caterers, fast food chains, educational institutions, hospitals and the hospitality trade.

All DinnerMates products combine practical packaging & competitive prices with consistent customer service and satisfaction, providing the discerning chef with a sound backup service and peace of mind. Other benefits include packaging to suit the client’s needs, a wide product range and sizes, strict quality assurance and products tailored to the client’s specifications.

Our Dried Meat products consist of real meat chunks and powders. These dehydrated chicken, beef, lamb and pork products add body and taste to any soup broth, cream soup/sauces, stews and pizza toppings.

For the more adventurous, we also produce dried meat products of game such as Kudu, Springbok, Wildebeest, etc., as well as Crocodile Meat. Special attention has been paid to visual effects and real meat flavor enhancing properties, as well as a long shelf life. All dried meats are stabilized with an approved antioxidant exceeding multi-national company specifications. There are a number of tailor made dried meats available for use in baby food.

The dried meat factory was modernized in April 2005 and it is now a separate entity approved for EU export. Regular inspections ensure that the highest international standards of hygiene and quality assurance are maintained. Liaison with government departments, state veterinarians, municipality health inspectors and international companies, etc. have all contributed to achieving the objective of a value added food processing organization, approved for supplying the EU (ZA113 and ZA200), which sets the highest standard in the world.

DinnerMates has been a professional member of SAAFoST since 1976 and DinnerMates the company is a “SAAFoST CUSTODIAN” since 2004, which is only given to organisations willing to go the extra mile in promoting professionalism in the food industry. Honesty, reliability, commitment to continuous customer care and integrity are inherent company policies.

Consistent customer service brings consistent customer satisfaction, which is why DinnerMates is renowned in the food industry and still keeps growing. It makes good sense to put quality on your plate!

DinnerMates – Making Meal Times Exciting And Cooking A Pleasure